Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun ahoy!

We are going on holiday next saturday - whoop whoop. Vasiliki in Greece (windsurfing) for a week and then visiting family for the following two weeks.

Exciting as this is, the thought of packing for LD is making me want to hide behind the sofa. Amusingly I have, instead, busied myself with a spot of on-line shopping. So far I have bought a very cute doggy hooded beach poncho thingy (for LD, not myself) and a bumble bee raincoat. On reflection I think the latter is an example of my extreme procrastination on the packing issue ... it is 26 degrees in Greece and the raincoat is WAY too big. Oops, cute though.

I have only ever tried windsurfing once before. Daddy used to partake a lot but it is a bit tedious carrying all the gear down the various cliff paths to the beaches of Cornwall so he took up Kite Surfing instead. The prospect of our move to Scotland re-awakened his passion and he bought me a wind-surf board. A few days later I found out I was pregnant and didn't want to risk my precious unborn baby by the inevitable crashing in to water that was to prevail.

Taking up skiing in 2008 made me  aware of the difficulty in learning a new sport as an adult. Bridget Jones pretty much described my form on the slopes so I can only imagine the fun and games that await on the water!

Having spent the majority of my life obsessively training as a horse rider (which will forever be ongoing)  has made me quite competitive with my self - I can't help but wonder 'will I be able to surf big waves by the end of the week?' In reality I will be pleased if I can just learn how to set all the gear up and stay on the board ...

21 months after the purchase of the board I am finally going to have a go - bring it on!!

Image by Salvatore Vuono

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