Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One week of windsurfing and I'm hooked!

We are back from our Windsurfing holiday in Greece and I am hooked! Can't wait to try out my new (limited) skills at our local beach. I know there is less appeal when you have to rig up your own kit (and wear a wetsuit) but I am keen to keep Windsurfing.

When you haven't been abroad for a while you forget the way the heat hits you as you step off the aeroplane. It's wonderful, however I must say LD struggled with the heat for the first couple of days. We discovered UV sunsuits are perfect for swimming but very hot for hanging around and sleeping in - shorts, T-shirts and shade worked much better. Oh and why do manufacturers make the buggy uv nets black? Surely their is a niche in the market for light coloured ones?

Vasiliki is a small village on the Island of Lefkas, just off the West Coast of Greece and is a wind-surfing hotspot. The lack of wind was not a problem for the virgin windsurfers like myself. Getting to grips with the basic techniques is best practised in light winds. For those (like hubby) who can already windsurf and wanted to try new skills, test different boards or just hoon about it was not a great week for wind.

I was apprehensive about taking LD abroad (just couldn't get Madeleine McCann out of my head) and wanted to have a look at the creche before blindly releasing my precious man in to the depths of the unknown. This was a bit of an error as the kids club facilities were amazing. They were based on the beach with a lovely cool room and lots of toys. Sadly they were fully booked so my reluctance to book LD meant he really missed out. On the up side he spent a lot of time with Daddy whilst I was doing my Bridget Jones goes windsurfing impressions and this has really cemented their relationship. LD now asks for 'Daddoo' most of the time!

The great about this kind of holiday is you meet lots of other like minded people. The social life at Club Vass was awesome. Having a toddler kind of changes the way you approach the night life (we were in bed by 10pm more than once) but we still enjoyed meeting new folk and have swapped numbers and e-mail addresses to keep in touch. On the last night we found ourselves having a meal and drinks in the town with the other three families - isn't it amusing how families gravitate towards other families? A shared understanding, perhaps?

Now we are home and it feels like a dream. We have started saving for two weeks at Club Vass next year .... maybe if I keep practising I may be able to stay on the board by then!!

My first ever ice lolly - yummy

Let's have a beer then Daddoo!

Amazing kit at Club Vass

I am moving - really I am ....

Ok so this is how it should be done!

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