Sunday, April 17, 2011

My fab recycled Christmas Tree Bird Table

Since moving to a place where our garden adjoins a beach (via a golf course) I have developed an interest in bird watching. It started when a snipe decided to hang out in our garden. I was suddenly aware I had absolutely no knowledge of wild birds and this simply wasn't good enough.

Spurred on by wanting to be able to teach LD about wildlife when he is bigger, I started avidly looking about me with renewed interest. My dear hubby bought me some fancy waterproof binoculars for christmas and off I went.

For a few months, I had been hanging 'fat balls' and 'wild bird seed' from the bamboo left in our dormant veggie patch from last years green bean growing attempts. When the spring sunshine spurred us in to action to plant this years crop, the bamboo had to be removed and the bird food was temporarily homeless.

Whoop whoop and so my christmas tree bird table was born! Super hubby chopped off the branches, leaving just a few for hanging things. A trunk sized circle was cut out of a piece of wood that was kicking about the garage and affixed for birdy snacks of bread and fruit.

As I wrote in my 'Reasons to be grateful' blog hop post (maxabella loves) I love my bird table!

It gives me great pleasure watching the sparrows, tits and thrushes and I am always on the look out for different feathered visitors. I just can't understand why I haven't discovered bird watching before?


  1. I have trees all around my house, which is a few metres off the ground, I love to watch the birds out the window..and they are often so funny with their antics! Your bird feeder is a work of art.

  2. Thank you Carol. Yes watching birds is a great new pleasure of mine - I am glad you like the table, I really do love it!