Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Normal Here.

Today we trotted off the the Health Visitor for a 10 month check and was pleased to discover that all is normal. This led me to ponder 'hmm, normal ...'

Is a baby not normal because it doesn't tick all the boxes in the little red book by it's designated stage? Thankfully the child development professionals appear to be sensible about it in this area and I hope that is the case for everyone. We all know that every baby is an individual and will develop different things at varying rates and I am pleased this is supported by our Health Visitors.

Our local town has an amazing network of mummy groups. First Year Group, affectionately named Troon Mum's by my neighbour, has been an amazing support throughout the past 10 months. It's a group run by a Health Visitor where we just go with our babies and hang out. Aileen comes every week in her own time just to be there for us, we can  ask questions, get the wee ones weighed or simply just sit and be. This group has been a real life-line for me and on those days when you really question if you or your baby are actually normal (I am sure most parents know what I mean) having a network of other mums to chat, and often laugh at yourself with, is something I am tremendously grateful for. As my time at First Year Group comes to an end I hope I have made some lifelong friends to help keep me normal as we all step in to the future.

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