Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oops another trip to A and E

Why do these things always happen when my husband is at work and out of telephone range?

Finley and I had a 'quiet' afternoon at home on monday so by 3pm the living room looked a bit like a plastic zoo. Delighted with his ever improving ability to stand and cruise around the furniture, the wee man is now practising one handed holding on and bending to pick up toys. This has rather limited success and has resulted in several bumps to the head...

3.15pm: Finley fell (not spectacularly) and hit his head on the coffee table. He didn't cry and all seemed fine.

3.30 pm: He was really tired so I put him down for a nap. I was very pleased when he didn't cry as I left his room and put the immediate sleep down to a busy day playing and a very short morning nap. (Yes I know tiredness is a sign of concussion and not to let people with head injuries sleep but the bang on the head was so uneventful I had almost forgotten all about it.)

3.35 pm: A little voice popped in to my head; "What if Finley is concussed?" With a small trickle of cold sweat developing I checked  him every other minute but all is fine. He did, however, have the beginnings of a bruise on his forehead.

5.30 pm; The little guy woke up SCREAMING! This is not normal for Finley at all. He was inconsolable. He cheeks were a little red so it could have been his teeth but I just didn't know. He had no interest in his supper, playing, bouncing - nothing would console him - again not normal for Finley.

5.45 pm: I phoned NHS 24 who were amazing and advised me to go to A and E.

6.30 pm: We arrived at hospital. The car journey had settled Finley and he was smiling again - a huge relief to me but did make me feel ever so slightly like a paranoid first time mum.

7 pm: Finley was absolutely delighted by the wonderful selection of toys to play with in the paediatric waiting room and was turbo crawling with glee.

7.15 pm: The same kind and friendly nurse we saw last time we had a bump on the head came and gave wee man the all clear. He either has a particularly good memory or we are particularly memorable as he new exactly who we were!

8 pm: Home to bed - Mummy peaceful in the knowledge that all is well.

My Mum is forever saying; "Don't take any chances" and my own knowledge as a Horse Riding Instructor tells me that heads are precious and it is better to take the trip to hospital to feel a bit like you are paranoid then to regret it for ever more.

The staff at Crosshouse Accident and Emergency and NHS 24 are amazing. I would like to thank them for their patience and kindness with not only first time mums but worries parents of all ages.

I am pleased to say that Finley is absolutely no worse for wear and hardly even had a bruise by tuesday morning.

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