Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little swimmer

We have been taking Finley to 'Water Babies' since he was four months old. He loved it from the off. I often chuckled to myself as I looked around at the other Mums in the group and it became clear that we were paying money for us to be trained. The babies' natural diving reflex allows them to naturally hold their breath. Apparently this is the case until they are eighteen months old and is amazing to watch. Ha ha I must add at this point that the Daddy's in the group seem to have considerably less of a problem with throwing their 'mini me's' in to the water - I guess it is all part of the balance of parenthood.

(photos thanks to Waterbabies Scotland)

Six months later we are still going to our weekly class with enthusiasm. Finley can hold on to the side of the pool on his own, swim through a hoop underwater and hold on to a float. Us Mum's are more relaxed and all is going well.

My husband and I both grew up by the sea and hope that surfing and water sports will be something the wee man will enjoy too. We keep meaning to find to go swimming as family (as well as the Water Babies class) but others things seem to get in the way. I guess it is not too much of a problem but when we did all go together it cracked 
him up seeing both Mummy and Daddy getting wet!

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